In this area there are several outstanding beaches that provide different ambience in Pržno.

Kazanegra Apartmani Budva Przno


The Pržno beach has a specific charm which separates it and ranks it above the surrounding beaches. The grains of the sand are of very pleasant size and stretch over the entire beach and into the sea.

Kazanegra Apartmani Budva Przno

Queen’s Beach – Miločer

The Queen’s Beach is one of the most beautiful bays in the entire Montenegrin coast, perhaps even on the entire Adriatic. It is surrounded by pine trees.

Kazanegra Apartmani Budva Przno

King’s (Large) Beach

The King’s Beach is located in the middle of the famous Miločer park which nests the former summer residence of King Aleksandar Karađorđević – now Hotel Miločer. Miločer is one of the most beautiful parks and arboretums on the Adriatic.

Kazanegra Apartmani Budva Przno

Sveti Stefan

The Sveti Stefan beach is located less than a kilometer walk through the Miločer Park from Pržno.
Actually, it consists of two beaches and a sand isthmus (now turned into a stone dyke, islet and the fortified little town of Sveti Stefan which accommodates one of the most spectacular fashionable summer resorts on the Adriatic.

Kazanegra Apartmani Budva Przno


The Kamenovo beach is located in the close vicinity of Pržno separated from it by a stone cape. There are two mini beaches between Kamenovo and Pržno suitable for those that prefer loneliness.

Kazanegra Apartmani Budva Przno

Drobni Pijesak

Drobni Pijesak is a beach about 1 km away from Pržno. It can be reached by boat or a path leading from the highway. The beach is surrounded by subtropical growth and secluded from civilization. Right through the center of the beach flows a clear cold creek which provides freshness and a specific, almost tropical experience. This beach used to be the place where the tribal council of the Paštrović tribe met and enjoys special protection as such.

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