Kazanegra apartmani budva przno


Situated in the heart of Europe and the Mediterranean, Montenegro is part of the Adriatic coast, in the southwestern part of the Balkans. Here at the door of the Adriatic Sea, you will get to know one of the most beautiful bays in the world, the deepest canyon in Europe, the largest lake in the Balkans, virgin forest, four national parks, numerous reserves and protected areas – a paradise for nature lovers…
Lined up and interchanging, there are sand beaches, secluded coves, islands, towns built on Greek, Illyrian and Roman foundations. High mountains draw you with their fairytale beauty, contain hidden lakes, large areas of pasture land and forests, rapid rivers and diverse flora and fauna.


The Budva Riviera is 25 km long and occupies the central part of the Montenegrin coast. Many of the bays, beaches, islands, as well as the Lovcen Mountain massif give special attention to this area and attract a great number of tourists who can enjoy the beautiful nature, the sun, the crystal clear sea.
Budva is a city for people who love entertainment, wide choice, like the spirit of antiquity and dreams of sandy beaches! You can enjoy daily entertainment at bars, parties, go in for extreme sports, be offered of good seafood in restaurants. Walk barefoot among the walls of a medieval town… Illyrians, Romans and Greeks had walked along Budva ground of and left their marks.
Kazanegra apartmani budva przno

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